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We are a metalworking studio focusing mainly on silver jewellery making in the heart of Orchard Road. 


We conduct jewellery & metalworking workshops for those who love to learn the hands-on methods of crafting a unique piece of handmade jewellery by themselves.

artisan8 studio is one of the pioneer metalworking studios which started offering basic metalworking workshop experiences in Singapore for complete beginners! We are known for our silver ring making workshop where we offer more than 20 designs.

Our workshops are open to all. No prior experience is needed. 


We believe in providing quality workshops that are fun personal interesting and informative, with designs, materials and techniques that are unique to us.  Our customers often walk in as strangers, and leave as friends, who then share our workshops by word of mouth (which we are truly appreciative of).

We specialise in both cosy small size to large groups of more than 20 (in our studio and offsite),

Do note that we do not offer bench tools and/or equipment rental. They are solely for our students' usage at our workshops.

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