artisan8 studio is a creative service providing fun, unique, convenient and customisable lessons and art experiences through mobile workshops at any location, and at our studio. Besides offering enamelling, silversmithing and glass fusing workshops, we also work with curated artisans with different (and unique) skill sets to offer varied holistic art experiences. Our cosy space is equipped with a pantry/wash area, ideal for events and workshops. Enquiries to share our space are welcome. 

The studio is founded by Shan who has always been an artsy person interested in and dabbled in all kinds of arts and crafts. She is a glass fusing artist trained in the States and has been making teaching and retailing jewellery for more than 15 years. Her passion is working with and teaching all things related to metal + glass semi-precious and shiny. 


The goal of the studio is to offer quality workshops that are fun personal interesting and unique, with designs, materials and techniques that are different compared to what is typically offered and the workshops are not confined to a single location. The studio believes art experiences can be created anywhere: at your homes, events, parties, gatherings and even offices. The studio currently also works with various cafes in providing mobile workshops at their venues and at networking events.

Do note that we do not offer bench tools and/or equipment rental. They are solely for our students' usage at our workshops.