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This is a taster experience for those who have yet to experience the joys of silver ring making, with the opportunity of creating a unique black/gold finish on the surface of your ring.

kintsugi rings

Workshop Description

Looking for a special & unique ring "in the rough"? The Kintsgi-inspired, perfectly imperfect silver ring plated with real gold contrasted with black patina may just be what you are looking for. Learn to make a silver ring first and how to put on the gold & black finish after. Do note that unpredictable outcome is all the fun in this ring making experience.


Workshop Fee: $350/person | $700/couple.

Class size: Min 2 to start. Max 4 per group. 

Duration: 1 session, 4 hours

Requirement: No prior experience required

Age: 18 and above. If you are under 18, please check with us before booking.

What's included:

All tools, equipment, materials and instructions are included and a take home ring.

Silver strip material up to 5mm width provided. Extra silver fee may be charged for wider bands, depending on the width.

Check with us when you can come ------>

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