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This is a taster experience for those who have yet to experience the joys of handweaving your own bead  to be assembled into an accessory.

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Workshop Description

In our beadweaving  workshop, choose to handweave a bead using high quality Japanese Miyuki beads, to

be assembled into a bracelet or necklace. Customise your own bead colours choosing from our palette of more than 50 colours.

Fee: $88/person for 1 big bead | $108/per person for 2 big beads or 3 small beads

Class size: Max 6. For big group workshops, enquire with us.

Duration: 1 session, 1.5 - 2.5 hours

Requirement: No prior experience required

Age: 18 and above. If you are under 18, please check with us before booking.  

What's included:

All tools, equipment, materials and instructions are included. You take away 1 necklace or 1 bracelet. Extra charges may apply for additional hardware/findings required. 

Check with us when you can come. If you would like to make earrings, let us know in advance and you need to purchase the 2 bead workshop.

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